Register your StudentCard ID for a FREE $19 Carryover Combo sim

We are excited to announce a partnership with 2degrees that allows all students with a StudentCard ID to get a FREE $19 Carryover Combo sim from 2degrees!

PLUS you can take advantage of the 2degrees special phone plans for students.  

In order to redeem your free sim simply register your StudentCard ID card on the StudentCard app or website. 

Not sure if you have a StudentCard ID?

If your institution issued your StudentCard to you - it is an ID.

If you purchased your StudentCard directly from us, then it is not considered a StudentCard ID, but if you purchased your StudentCard after 19 February 2018 and didn't select the option for a Free $19 Carryover Combo Sim or $19 Credit click: here and let us know. 

 To register your StudentCard ID you will need your SC# number which can be found on the front of your ID Card, or contained in the email you got telling saying your card has been ordered and is on its way!

How do students get their free sim card? 

If your StudentCard ID was posted to you then the sim card will also be posted directly to you. 

If your StudentCard ID came from your campus, then we will send the sim cards there also for you to collect.

Once you register your ID you will also hear about StudentCard's weekly competitions and new discounts!

StudentCard College
StudentCard Tertiary & Trainee
StudentCard Alumni

Registering your ID is only necessary if you received your StudentCard ID through your institution. 

You can register your ID simply by downloading our app

Valid for one sim per student.

No substitutions for the $19 carryover combo sim.

Offer ends 11th February 2019

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