Ferrymead Paintball
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Ferrymead Paintball is located at Ferrymead Golf: The only new Paintball centre running in Christchurch.

Ferrymead Paintball takes great pride in our facilities and will make sure that your experience with us will make you want to return time and time again.

Your helicopter has crashed in an enemy base. You and your team mate have to fight your way through the town and complete a sabotage mission along the way. Only the strong will survive!

You and your team have just landed on the outskirts of an enemy base. Now you have to disembark your landing craft and take the town by force.

You have just broken out of prison and your rescue helicopter has landed on the outskirts of town. Now you and your fellow team mates have to take on the guards and fight your way to the helicopter before its too late….

Your fellow soldier has been taken hostage and is heavily guarded. Now you and your team have to search this town by building a search and rescue to save your comrade and get him home safely!

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