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$50 off barista + bartending courses

Always wanted to be the that sexy man or woman behind the coffee machine? Head to The Barista Academy so you can get amongst their expert training! It's the perfect skill to have when travelling the world or even to just get some extra cash!

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Barista courses:

1) Five Day Intensive Pro Course 

  • Kick-start your coffee career with our hands-on, five day professional barista workshop
  • Class runs for 2 hours each day  
  • Covers the essentials of espresso production
  • Great introduction to espresso
  • For people who have little or no previous experience 

2) Two-Week Pro Course (Work Ready) 

  • Achieve the skill level of a barista with 1-2 years experience in just two weeks
  • Gain The Barista Academy Certificate  
  • Get help with job introductions

Bartender Course

3) Three Day Bar & Cocktail Course

 This hands-on course is designed to:

  • Prepare trainee bar staff with hands on experience, great product knowledge and employable skills
  • Train at a highest level in the shortest period of time possible so trainees can get a job fast
  • Provide trainee bar staff a both industry aligned accreditation and international accreditation

Bartender course content:

  • The strength of service and brand
  • Fermentation and distillation 
  • Basic understanding of all spirits, wines and beer, processing and culture
  • Mixed drinks
  • Bar preparation and setup

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