Who are we?
StudentCard is New Zealand's longest serving and most prominent discount card for students. Our core purpose is to offer the best possible discount on products and services to make student living affordable and allow students to enjoy their wants and not just needs by stretching their dollar further (hello new clothes, nights out and fun experiences).

We cater to tertiary students at university, polytechnic, private training institutes, trainees and apprentices working towards qualifications in a wide range of fields. We also offer the same discounts to Alumni (AlumniCard) to help graduates get on their feet during the transition from student to professional, as well as having appropriate discounts available to High School students by way of StudentCard College card.
I'm a student, what are the costs?

A StudentCard costs $20 per year (or you can purchase a 3 year card for $45). By subscribing for the year, you will gain access to hundreds of online and instore discounts on great brands as well as being able to enter member only competitions throughout the year. We also provide ideas of things to do in your local area and guidance on being a student as well as holding exclusive StudentCard member events throughout the year. We strive to offer the best possible deal from our discount partners so that you can make your money back and save beyond that in no time. We have a number of discounts that see you get your money's worth in one transaction.

Is my official student ID a StudentCard?

You may already have a StudentCard and not even know it! Some institutions use StudentCard as their official student ID. If the back of your student ID is red and says StudentCard then head over to the register my ID page to register your details and unlock your StudentCard membership. There is no cost to register your institute issued StudentCard.

What is our business model

StudentCard is driven by an affinity marketing model. In its simplest form, we act in partnership with a retailer (discount partner) as the middleman to connect them with a group of consumers who share the same identifier (students).

What are the benefits of being a Discount
Partner with StudentCard?

From humble beginnings with a goal to benefit and always put students first, StudentCard has successfully been operating to bring students across New Zealand the best discounts at the lowest cost for 20 years. This has built positive association and trust towards the StudentCard brand. By being in partnership with StudentCard you're gaining credibility through association. As members look to gain their membership fee back and save further, customer loyality is developed between our members and discount partners as students look to use brands in partnership with us before looking outside of our organisations offerings.

By being a listed discount partner, your brand will be promoted through our channels. In addition to your discount being displayed on our website and app yearlong, your discount will be assigned to one of six categories. We promote discounts four times per year within each category, across StudentCard’s social channels through posts, and stories as well as potentially highlighting your brand within other social and blog content reflective of themes throughout the year (e.g. setting up your flat with these great deals). Other great opportunities such as collaborations, influencing and media campaigns are also available to help your brand reach our members and the wider student market.
What does my business need to offer?

Your discount needs to be the best you can offer and better than what you offer elsewhere. Students need to be incentivised to purchase a StudentCard so we are putting forth discounts that not only encourage them to purchase a StudentCard for a deal but also make repetitive purchases from our discount partners.

Depending on your business, your discount offer may be redeemable in-store, online or both. To redeem in-store members must show a valid StudentCard (physical or virtual in-app card). For on-line redemption to ensure we honour our members and to avoid code abuse discount codes or hyperlinks are protected behind member login credentials.
What is the onboarding process?

StudentCard is committed to bringing the best discounts to our members so we don't put cost barriers up to deter onboarding discount partners. StudentCard offers either an affiliate/rebate partnership with no upfront costs or alternatively a small one off administration fee is charged.
What next?

We've only scratched the surface or you're ready to become a discount partner? Email admin@studentcard.co.nz to submit your request for a full overview or begin the onboarding process.
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Looking to reach the student market? Head to our Media Site to find out how our database could get you the reach and information your business is looking for.
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