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Student Life is better with StudentCard

Making the things in a student’s life a little more affordable



Student life can be awesome. Whether you’re staying at home or living-it-up in a student flat, you’re gonna want to budget so you have enough money to party.

StudentCard gets you access to hundreds of exclusive discounts, making epic experiences with your mates more possible. For just $20 you get year round discounts with top brands, accessible right on your phone.

Yours is either on the back of your ID Card or you can order one today.


What are students saying?
Show me the money!
Discounts at cafe's like The Coffee Club are just awesome
- Jonathan Yila, Business Management student
StudentCard contributed to the money I was able to save to visit a couple of friends in Australia.
Jean-Luc Lawlor, Bachelor of Business
Definitely recommend a StudentCard, being a Uni student - we're quite poor, it gives you all the discounts you need and it's really, really good!
- Demi Arbuckle, Communication Studies
Thank you StudentCard, it makes a difference in everyday life - it ROCKS!
- Shirin Heidari, Engineering Student
What are the discounts?
Because we have SO many discounts for you we've made them super easy to find. We are constantly
adding new discounts everyday so make sure you check back here or on our app to bag the latest bargains








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